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Welcome to PBEM manager

PBEM Manager is a brand new and totally original play-by-email football manager game. In PBEM manager, you will take on the responsibility of managing all aspects of a football club. You must take care of your club’s scouting, transfers, tactics and finances.
You will have to pit your wits against other managers, outsmarting them in the transfer market and tactically in the dugout. Set up deals by directly contacting other managers or by going onto the PBEM manager forum on our website.

PBEM Manager works by having a rating system based on real-life performances. We have a huge database of 10,000 players who are constantly being assessed, and player ratings will change based on real-life performances. It will be up to you to scout out and judge players to get the best deals and find players who are improving.
There are 2 types of setups in PBEM Manager: English setups and European setups. Find out more about these on our about page.
There are only limited numbers of clubs available, so hurry up and register now to apply for your favourite club!
All winners in PBEM manager receive an engraved trophy for their success.

Football trophy Icon.png

Take your club to the top and compete for real trophies against real managers!

Take your club to the top and compete for real trophies against real managers!

PBEM Manager costs just £2 per turn for your 1st club and £1 per turn for additional clubs.

We believe this is a very good price for the game we offer relative to other play-by-mail games.

The game is up and running, so sign up and apply for your favourite club now!

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